Super Chicken

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I developed Super Chicken a year ago, actually. I decided to put it up for download from the Google Play store a couple of days ago. Super Chicken is a simple (hopefully) fun and addictive game, where you control a chicken who is faced with the ever-so-daunting task of saving his entire populace from extinction. OH MY GOD WHAT HAPPENED, you ask? Probably not. Anyway.

A powerful (and by powerful I mean a truely  tenacious) dust storm has hit the land and sent those precious baby-chicken eggs flying all over the place; And only one person can save the day. The one super hero that does not need a cape (and a pair of undies-I might add) to fly. The one chicken that can actually fly – You guessed it – SUPER CHICKEN!

Help Super Chicken retrieve all those beautiful eggs. Each egg gives you points. Yellow eggs give you a point each, red ones give you three and blue eggs although so very rare give you five points. Brave the storm and get the highest score possible. Become the hero you were always destined to be and leave your friends crawling in the dust (You know, because there was a dust storm. -Insert appropriate emoticon here-). I’m leaving now. I hope you download the game, play the game, and love the game.

Download Link:


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